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Kill for what?

Time regains its passing, but returns to reach to itself. We have passed the times, but have not found ourselves. Now it is the time passing us gives some messages to the posterity. Here it is the posterity who asks the progenitors: Again for what?

There, the time cannot reach us, how here it reaches. The time has witnessed that we killed each other's in woods and caves to survive, because we were barbaric and now in postmodern time, we kill each others to survive because we are modern!

We have not reached to that how we must reach to ourselves and pass form ourselves. It hoped that the time brings it as a gift.


There are few thinkers in the Iranian culture who, like Molavi, have paid attention to the psychological aspects of human behavior...more



Goethe, like his predecessors, made it his conscious aim to open a way for the real heritage of Oriental poetry to enter into the poetry of Europe. This great masterpiece of Goethe left a lasting impression everywhere in Europe. Goethe who had just founded his great "Social Philosophy" in which he considered the time as ripe to think of a humane world philosophy irrespective of nationality and creed...more


Dewey was a prolific writer,  authoring over one thousand books, journal articles, and reviews.  He wrote on a broad array of philosophical questions: ethics, logic, psychology, education, the arts, democracy, politics and law, history, science, religion, language, nature and culture, and Marxism... more

  If aren't being done contemplation, will be thought out instead of you

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