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Why is it that often those who believe they would be the best managers o others-if they were only given the opportunity -haven't learned to manage themselves properly? Before you can ever have any hope o managing others effectively, you must first learn to set an example for others to follow. It is simply impossible for you to inspire others to high levels of achievement if you cannot inspire yourself to do the same. Don't make the mistake that many others make by saying, "When they make mc a manager, I'll show them I can manage." The first move is yours. You must first prove yourself worthy.


 YOU CAN'T FIND HAPPINESS BY ROBBING ANOTHER OF IT. THE SAME APPLIES TO ECONOMIC SECURITY. There are few things in this world that will enrich your life if

you deprive other people of them. Usually the reverse is true. When you share your wealth and happiness, you improve your own share of both. In fact, neither happiness nor economic security is of great value unless it is shared. Happiness cannot be hoarded and saved until it is needed, and security is an abstract concept. As Gen. Douglas IvIacArthur once observed, "There is no security in life. There is only opportunity." You must find happiness and economic security for yourself, and share them to keep them.



~ MIND, AND YOU WILL BE 'AS WISE AS THE SAGES. When you take charge of your mind, you take charge of your life. When you understand your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires, you can direct them to any end you choose. Wis­dom comes from taking the time to study yourself, to know why you are the person you are. Taking charge of your mind is a thoughtful, reflective, solitary process. Only you can come to understand the complex inner workings of your own mind, and you must be willing to spend the time and effort that gaining such ~


insight requires.   



Will be following your ecstasy.


Remember, a Kite flies against the wind, not with it

It is important to recognize from the beginning that success will not be achieved easily.

Achievers-like a kite struggling against the gusts-soar to great heights, firmly anchored to a philosophy of success that keeps them on course, regardless of the difficulties they encounter along the way. Make sure you are anchored to a philosophy that will sustain you despite the difficulties you will most certainly face in your quest for success.

When you know what you are about, when you have definite goals and a plan for achieving them , you may be buffeted by the winds of circumstance, but you will never be blown permanently off course. The stronger the wind, the higher you will fly.

"Voice of Sadr Inc"


Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.



If aren't being done contemplation, will be thought out instead of you

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