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Site Introduction


The goals and the theoretical fundamentals about site foundation


In the name of who thought thinking

Ignited lantern of heart by light of spirit

By his virtue lighted both of worlds

By his emanation turned soil of human to garden


Thinking is sea. Each intellectual’s thoughts are deep and immense as a sea. Here we have offered a handful of seawater till would assuage all the thirsts. We have neither the ability nor the potential to assuage from these seas.

We intended to pull out of the deep wells water not from vast seas.

Water of well can irrigate fields around itself, if each a piece of field recuperate, the land would recover.

Life of Thought is vitalizing and giving life to the ideas. Here is the place of thinking not thought reading.

Thinking in the scope of ideas (Philosophy), thinking to the space out of intellect (Theosophy), and thinking to the art of ideas (Literature).

The conditions, the situations and the facilities are different according to everybody’s time and place dimensions, so they influence in the mind structure. These mind structures have, altogether, unique ideas, which discover the different aspect of a problem, and cause the human’s ideas upgrowth. We step along with the development of each other's ideas, not contrary to them. The difference of ideas is toward the evolution not repugnancy. Extracting the idea from these mind structures and merging them reveals the integrity and the correlation of the thoughts.

Life of ideas approaches our mind structures together and in the meaning of to be unite, we become like-minded.

We hope that the site Life of Thought will be a herald for languishing the speculation in order to raise the rationality stepping in the way to the sublimity. Here, it is in being with us passing the philosophy to the degrees of theosophy and its manifestation in the art and the literature.

The site Life of Thought creates liberal space to open a way to the reality and the actuality without any bigotry and intruding ideas. The liberal man gives the direction and the sublimity to the reality in the mind structures.


Theoretical fundamentals of site goals:

-          Respect and effort for liberty of pen and idea of every thinker

-          Creating space for pens who benefits from their inks

-          Publishing the individual’s idea in order to strengthen the mood of speculation

-          Moving from the philosophy to theosophy and its manifestation in literature

-          Creating an environment for marchers of his world of entity

-          Idea is not pivot but speculation


The idea of establishing the site of life of Thought

Thinking in today’s affairs, made me believe my ideas to make the life meaningful. During a long time of speculation and paying attention, my ideas approached to the real state, made me drown to find my handwritings, yet in my thoughts, the concept of philosophy had no place. The passing time proved to me that the philosophy is not able to be taught, but it must pass process. Thus, I discharge my duties toward it, in order to be some provisions for walkers in the way that nothingness is the even existence.

The philosophy is meaningless without the literature, and the literature has no concept without philosophy. Art depict the literature and the philosophy out of any word and meaning limitations. Art is the face of idea emanating from love. But here is the academy of thinkers.

All of us can involve in speculation and writing it out of literary and artistic limitations, in this channel we can achieve to the art and literature domain and cultivate it. There is no pleasure above it that one makes an adorable sentence and makes it fixed in minds.

Love in my existence causes in creating the work, that I hope, it makes alive the love to the being in you, until it causes in creating the existence’s works.

Babak Zamani

April 2003 


Identification and constitution of life of Thought site

-          This site has established in Iran in 2003

-          Independent from any organization or party

-          It has philosophic, theosophical, and literary contents

-          A place for absolutely declaring the has philosophic, theosophical, and literary  ideas

-          The published ideas are not the site prospect

-          The site is free in editing or summarizing the received writings and does not return them.

-           Exploiting from this site is free with citing the site URL

-          The site tries to keep the following:

o        Electronic publishing acts according to the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) approved by many countries

o        Moral Right that is seen informally


The collaborative group of site:

Site Manager:

Babak Zamani

Collector of issues:

Babak Zamani

Programmer of site:

Babak Zamani

Translator of site:

Mr Ebrahimi



Editing expert:

Mr Mazaheri


Mr Koshkaki

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Herewith, we appreciate all who has collaborated with the site life of Thought.


  If aren't being done contemplation, will be thought out instead of you

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