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 Babak Zamani

Babak Zamani  


Take pride in founding the Life of Thought web site and achievement to process of phenomena insight has brought me enormous enjoyment. designed and set up the e-Publication web site about Philosophy (Intellectual endeavors), Mysticism (God Thought Life for Yeoman's service to existence), and Literature (Art of thought). I would rather cogitate at phenomena, humanism and strongly have done it. I sense firmly the life without speculation isn't worth living. The Life of Thought book during 2 years, Life of Thought e-Publication web site during 3 years and some articles were written and going to study in philosophy field at university follow those. I'm doing IT for living and others for life.

Despite interrupts, I insisted on concluding the web site. You can follow the link http://www.lifeofthought.com/c14.htm for its goals and more information.



I wrote the Life of Thought book (ISBN: 964-7024-40-1) in 2002 and then I designed and implemented the Life of Thought e-Publication web site during 3 years. Likewise Relationship between the Thought Life and development article that was published by the Cheshandaz magazine. 


      Judo Professional athletic for 4 years.


  • IT System Administrator and Supporting
  • Windows OS, Delphi, Office XP Packages.
  • C/C++, Pascal, SQL Programming languages.
  • Design and Implementation Database application.
  • Web site design and Graphics on Corel Draw.


  • Activity on Internet for updating the Life of Thought website.
  • Avid Reading and research in philosophical books and articles.
  • writing my cogitation as articles for the Life of Thought e_Publication  


  If aren't being done contemplation, will be thought out instead of you

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