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 About Molavi

There are few thinkers in the Iranian culture who, like Molavi, have paid attention to the psychological aspects of human behavior.

In different works of Molavi- prose as well as poetry especially in Masnavi Maanavi- one can observe profound psychological analysis and even some new concepts of this discipline, like "self-deception" rationalization (=justification), and conflicts among different segments of personality. His profound insight in studying and analyzing complexities and conflicts of human being's soul and his endeavor to penetrate deep into hidden parts and labryuthes of human personality signifies the out standing generousness of this great thinker. Hence, it is no exaggeration to call Molavi one of the pioneers of psycho-analysis in the general sense of the world. 

Dr.Ahmad Ketabi (Associate Professor) (Research Center for Humanities and Cultural studies)


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