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Attar Neishaborui

"Mohammad-Ebn Abi Bakr Ebrahim Ben Eshagh" known as "Attar Neishabouri" born in 512 or 513 A.H. in Neishabour, a county of Khorasan. His nickname is "Abu Harried" and "Faridodin" is the title given to him. His occupation was drug seller and for this reason he mentioned himself as "Attar" at his odes, lyric and couplet poems. In addition "Farid" used as his another pen name that is a contraction form to his title "Faridodin".


"Dolatshad Samarghandi" and some other biographers imputed his ancestry to Kadkan village from county of Neishabour. Nowadays this village is habitable and affiliates to Torbat Heidarieh. But about determination of correct period of Attar as implied from his words and upon last referred evidences in his couplet poems that was mischief of the Turks of Ghaz we can understand it was belonged to the year 548 A.H. But this sentence does not mean that he had not lived for a long period of time before this date.

About penitence of Attar it was said that one day when he was engaging on a transaction at his shop a Darvish (=theosophist) came there and said "God Willing". Attar did not paid him any money and Darvish said "Who will you die master?" Attar said same as your death. Darvish asked him again "Can you die as me?" Attar told "Yes, Darvish". Then Darvish put his wooden bowl under his head and murmured "Gad" and then died. Attar lost his mental conditions and left and shop and came to this way.

In "Khosrow Nameh'Attar clearly expressed "I started versification of Mosibat Nameh and Elahi Nameh at the pharmacy." As I know both of them are among famous and valid couplet poems of Attar at mysticism. Based on the works remained from Attar we can conclude that he was a chafe man living out of the pleasures of this world and believed himself as a real wayfarer of this way. Since we believe the existence of unification, integration with the rights, evanesce and destruction theories in his personality, deference of this non-mystical conditions and sensual plentitude at his feature changed him self-contained from

e other divine resources. And he had no wishes except visit of the beauty of reality and destruction at his idealistic.

Accordingly on the contrary of other miser poets he paid no attention to the wealthy peoples and governors of his living period and never named any of them in good or bad and disgusted both admiring and imprecating.

Dignity of the Attar against the famous mystic poets came after him was very high. Mostly he was called as a great poet.

Attar was one of long written poets of Iran and wrote great number of poems. For this reason he is called "diffuse" and "very verbose" poet.

Following are the works left from Attar: Elahi Nameh, Asrar Nameh, Javaher Nameh, Khosrow Nameh, Sharhol Laghab, Mosibat Nameh, Maghamant Tiour or Manteghol Teir, Set of odes and lyric poems, Mokhtar Nameh that is set of his quatrain poems and Alolya Biography.

From among the mystical couple poems of Sheikh Attar that is more enhancing and articulated from the other that should be considered, a crown of the couplet poems is "Manteghol Teir" containing 44'. couplets. The subject of this book' about discussion of fowls with a story bird named "Simorgh". Attar t "Manteghol Teir" from Koran to book and that means the language of fowls that is inserted in 16th verse of

Naml surah (chapter of Koran).Still there are different viewpoints about his death time.

But it was said that he passed in 672 A.H.

Most of biographers believe that he was a man who lived for a ling period of time. Even of one his tribes stated his age for 114 years. There is not dent for his long living but believing his age to the said number is rather impossible. Since number of Surahs in Koran is °114" it is considered as a holy number and the biographers in order to respect him imputed this number to his left books and intended to reach his age to the said number. Tomb of Attar is located in south of Neishabour at the place where presently contains the shrines of "Imamzadeh Mahrough"; "Ghanbar Hakim Omar Khayyam" and "Attar".


Source: HOMA magazine No:31


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